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The prognosis for dolichocolon is favorable in most cases. In patients with severe impairment of motor-evacuation function and constipation resistant to acne therapy, indications for surgical treatment can be discussed. Dolichosigmoid colon is an abnormal condition in which the sigmoid colon (the terminal portion of the large intestine, which ends in the rectum) becomes elongated. In some cases, dolichosigma can occur without any unpleasant symptoms throughout a person’s life. In this case, clinicians consider this a variant of the norm and a structural feature of the body. But still, more often than not, an elongated sigmoid colon causes a person a lot of inconvenience - unpleasant symptoms appear that complicate life. It is worth noting that dolichosigma can develop in adults and children. There are also no restrictions regarding gender.

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Differential diagnosis is carried out with Hirschsprung's disease and other diseases accompanied by constipation. Treatment consists of preventing and treating constipation. The main goal of treatment is to develop a reflex to defecate in case of its loss. The reasons for the development of dolichosigma in adults and children have not yet been precisely established. But several basic theories have been put forward. It is worth noting the fact that this pathology is of two types - congenital and acquired. Most often, children are diagnosed with the congenital form of the pathology. Attentive parents can notice signs of pathology already in the first month of a child’s life. Congenital dolichosigma can develop under the influence of the following factors.

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Symptoms of the development of dolichosigma are the same in both adults and children. If pathology develops in a child, he becomes capricious, lethargic, constantly cries, and refuses to eat. This pathology occurs in 25% of children. Scientists cite heredity as the reason for its development in a child, as well as the impact of unfavorable factors on the mother and fetus during pregnancy. The key symptom is constipation, the frequency of which gradually increases. The forms are the same as in adults. When a compensated form develops, a mild laxative or microenemas with active substances are used to cleanse the intestines of feces. It is also important to follow a diet.

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If the child has noticed the first signs indicating the progression of the disease, you should immediately contact a qualified doctor who will help you choose a treatment.correct diet, prescribe the correct treatment. Diagnosis of pathology in a child and an adult is carried out through a personal examination, digital examination of the rectum, and palpation of the abdomen. The doctor also prescribes additional laboratory and instrumental diagnostic methods.

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Dolichosigma is an anomaly in the structure of the sigmoid colon, consisting in its elongation without changing the diameter of the lumen and wall thickness. The elongated sigmoid colon often has increased mobility, which is accompanied by impaired formation and passage of feces. The frequency of dolichosigma in the population reaches 25%, however, it is assumed that due to the blurred clinical manifestations and the complexity of diagnosis, the pathology is not detected in all cases. In pediatrics, dolichosigma is found in 40% of children suffering from constipation.

Treatment of acne should begin only after a thorough diagnosis. Especially if the disease developed in a child. Causes of dolichosigma Classification of dolichosigma Symptoms of dolichosigma Diagnosis of dolichosigma Treatment of dolichosigma Forecast Prices for treatment.

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Acquired dolichosigma occurs as a result of digestive disorders associated with the processes of prolonged fermentation and putrefaction in the intestines. This usually affects people over 45-50 years of age who lead a sedentary lifestyle, are engaged in sedentary work, abuse meat and carbohydrates, and often experience stress. At the same time, some authors believe that dolichosigma is always a congenital anomaly, and digestive problems only cause the manifestation of acne medication manifestations given the existing anatomical prerequisites.

  • Normally, in an adult, the length of the sigmoid colon loop is on average 24-46 cm.
  • When the length of the sigmoid colon is less than 24 cm, they speak of brachysigma, and when the length is more than 46 cm, they speak of dolichosigma.
  • Such a colon is regarded as normosigma.
  • The combination of elongation of the sigmoid colon with its expansion and thickening of the walls is designated as megadolichosigma.
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